Quick Kava

Quick Kava Powder

Quick Kava Powder

Strain: Borogu

Effects: Like a shell at a Vanuatu Kava Bar – noticeable within 7 minutes of drinking it. Not as strong as our Tanna Kava line but the strongest Instant Kava available on the market.

Taste: Mid range taste, more of a pepper taste than Malekula Magic but certainly milder than the Tanna Kava products.

This product is the easiest Kava to prepare. You need only mix a tablespoon or two full of Quick Kava Powder (depending on how strong you want it) with a glass of water, stir rigorously and gulp it all in one go. It's definitely not the nicest tasting beverage out there, but its immense strength is undeniable. If you want to experience a truly potent Vanuatu Kava product then Quick Kava Powder is your best bet. Many people claim it helps the mind become more serene, the body to relax and also induce sleep.

We buy kava direct from Pentecost Island through our partners in Vanuatu. It is then prepared in the traditional/nakamal style and processed using the next generation of Instant Kava production technology. Our partners invented the original Instant Kava process years ago and have now refined their production using their improved (patent pending) technique - the result is a stronger product for a fraction of the price.

When you buy our instant Kava Powder you buy Kava with:

NO chemicals used in the unique extraction technique

NO fillers

NO binding agents

Quick Kava Powder is made under the strictest hygiene conditions and each batch is tested for its strength and purity. Only quality Kava is ever used.

Globalkavaexports.com does not sell Kava as a medicine and claims no medicinal effects from the use of its products. All Globalkavaexports products are novelty items only, meant to serve as nothing more than an exotic product which promotes Vanuatua's rich ceremonial culture.

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