Noble Kava Prep 101:

When making kava from dried root powder, in addition to the root itself, there are several other things you will need to have handy:

Between two and four times the volume of kava you intend to prepare, depending on how strong you want your kava to be, and how many shells you care to drink, etc.
2 Bowls:
One in which to soak the kava and one to strain your kava into. A Large, glass salad bowl works well.
Something to forcefully squeeze the kava with. The most common things used are paint strainers and pantyhose or t-shirts. We recommend an FDA approved hops/ brewing bag or any food-grade item that has a small mesh and can take some tension in a serious squeezing.
Something to drink the kava from: Coconut shells are perfect!
If desired, pieces of fruit like pineapples or grapes can help to cleanse the palate for those not comfortable with the peppery earthiness of kava or its Novocain (numbing) effects.
  1. So, for starters, dump the measured root powder and water into the bowl. Use between a 2 and 4 to one ratio of [water: root powder] (ex, 4 cups water to 1 cup of kava) or, by weight, you want to use about 10-20g of root powder for each serving desired. (A serving is usually about 4 oz of liquid, so 15g kava powder per 4 oz of finished squeezed product)

    The active, buzz-producing ingredients in kava are called kavalactones, and are not water soluble. Thus, it is the force that you squeeze your kava with, and how soft you get the root tissue, that gives it its strength. Some people add a tbsp. of dried soy lecithin granules per batch of kava to help act as an emulsifier. If you desire, you may do so at this step.

  2. Now, just let the kava root soak a while to soften up the tissue. Some soak for an hour, some longer. Some overnight in the fridge, some with warm water (but not over 140F! It will destroy the kavalactones!). Some squeeze, re-soak and re-squeeze, some do a single squeeze and compost the makas. Some knead their kava underwater in the mixing bowl through the strainer, some wring it out above the water.

    Whatever you do, you want to get the root tissue as soft as you can for the squeezing.

  3. When you have finished with your soak cycle, pour the mud-like mixture, through the strainer into the other bowl. The strainer will trap the root tissue, and a good deal of water along with it. Squeeze/ring it out into the bowl as HARD as you can, and Viola! The squeezings are your kava! You can add ice cubes to cool it down, or if you feel that dilutes it, stick it in the freezer and stir occasionally for a while. Whatever floats your boat.

    As mentioned, you can take the strainer, and drop it in for another squeeze, knead it under the kava, etc. There are countless arguments over doing what and adding what makes it marginally stronger or marginally weaker, so experiment.

    Root powder + water, soak, then squeeze and drink!

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