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For thousands of years, a small handful of the hundreds of kava cultivars were considered "noble,"or fit to drink by cultures to whom it was central. We uphold this ancient tradition by providing only noble kava for your consumption. Noble kava has what is considered to be the proper balance of kavalactones, the active ingredients in kava. This ensures the finest effects without the drawbacks of other types. Additionally, instead of re-branding to a flashy name of our choice to provide a false differentiation from other sellers, every one of our kavas is identified by specific cultivar type, called a "chemotype." We even have a rigorous testing process to ensure it, and make the results available to you. Knowing that, why would you buy kava from anywhere else? All noble, all the time. It's our name for a reason. We take pride, and you should too. Join the ancient tradition, and demand Noble Kava.

Once Vanuatu Kava Bar, now Noble Kava

Noble Kava

We Know Our Roots

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